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Died in a “head-on collision” = 47 (Septenary) & 74 (Full Reduction) Sure he did… Samuel Burl Kinison (December 8, 1953 – April 10, 1992)  Samuel Kinison = 322 (Franc Baconis)  Born into the Synagogue of Satan: Kabbalah coded Comedian (Rh- 322 kill code sacrifice)   Sam Kinison: Breaking the Rules 1987 ‧ Comedy ‧ … Read more

Patrick Little responded by calling participants in the GOP convention “Zionist Stooges.”  Nice Try…, Just More Fucking Noise! “Zionist Stooges…?” 10-4…, message received. Patrick Little = 57 (Full Reduction) & 84 (LCH Kabbalah) Given Name: Patrick = 666 (Reverse Sumerian), 33 (Full Reduction), 74 (Jewish Ordinal), 84 (KFW Kabbalah), 51 (LCH Kabbalah) & 323 (Satanic) Surname: … Read more

Gematria Word of The Day Phrase Comparison of False Reality vs. Marvel Comics Phrase: False Reality Marvel Comics A Full Reduction 52 52 B Single Reduction 61 61 C Full Reduction KV 52 70 D Single Reduction KV 61 79 E Reverse Full Reduction 74 74 F Reverse Single Reduction 74 74 G Reverse Full … Read more

Faustian Gematria Word of The Day Faustian sacrificing spiritual values for power, knowledge, or material gain: a Faustian pact with the Devil. Word: Faustian A Full Reduction 28 B Single Reduction 37 C Full Reduction KV 28 D Single Reduction KV 37 E Reverse Full Reduction 53 F Reverse Single Reduction 53 G Reverse Full … Read more

Bitcoin is a Judeo-Masonic creation. It’s being used to suck out the remaining wealth of the failed Petrodollar/OPEC monetary scam on the world. When the U.S. worthless fiat dollar (that’s back by nothing) goes down so will Bitcoin. Then watch the new criminal syndicate roll out their “so-called” legal version of their own. Crypto: The … Read more