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Puzzlin Evidence:  33 Years Ago  This Song Was Released  By David Byrne of the  Talking Heads = 666 (Sumerian) You got the CBS…! And the ABC…! You got Time and Newsweek! Well, they’re the same to me! Now don’t you wanna get right with me? (Puzzling evidence) I hope you get ev’rything you need (Puzzling … Read more

How about D.) ALL OF THE ABOVE! Judaism = 322 (Satanic) Figure It Out = 47 (Chaldean) Blind = 216 (Satanic) Talking Heads = 666 (Sumerian) Word English Ordinal ALW Kabbalah KFW Kabbalah Wrench 71 71 71 Talmud 71 71 71 Listen…, David from 1988 is talking to YOU. >> LEAN MORE ABOUT THE ENGLAND’S … Read more

Talking Heads = 666 (Sumerian) Chris Frantz (Drummer) Triad Claw…, BOOM! 10-4 message received What Slippery People is David referring to? Slippery People = 51 (Septenary) Slippery People (lyrics) What about the time?You were rollin’ overFall on your faceYou must be having funWalk lightlyThink of a timeYou’d best believeThis think is real Put away that … Read more