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Red Liberty Fez = 74 (Full Reduction) & 233 (Francis Bacon) Origins and History of the Fez Atlantean Gardens Published on Jul 29, 2018 Although named after a city in Morocco, where they were mass produced during the Christian era, the Fez hat predates Christianity. The fez, or tarboosh, is a felt headdress first introduced … Read more

 The First Americans by Robert Sepehr Robert Sepehr  Published on May 9, 2018 New archaeological evidence suggests that America was first discovered by Stone Age people from Europe – 10,000 years before the Siberian-originating ancestors of the American Indians set foot in the New World. A remarkable series of several dozen European-style stone tools, dating … Read more

The Hidden Hand of  the Rothschild (✡) Banking Family Source:  Robert Sepehr Published on Sep 14, 2016 The Rothschild family is a wealthy family descending from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a court Jew to the German Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel, in the Free City of Frankfurt, who established his banking business in the 1760s. The Balfour Declaration … Read more

Babylonian Black Magick and Occult Secret Societies The moon is magical to stare at from a distance, but it can be equally as enchanting to view from up close through a telescope. Many of the craters that litter the lunar surface have been named after people who have contributed to science, people that are recognized as … Read more

Secrets of the Kabbalah and 1666 Very few have ever heard of Sabbatai Zevi, who declared himself the Messiah in 1666, proclaiming that redemption was available through acts of sin. Sabbateans encouraged and practiced sexual promiscuity, adultery, incest and religious orgies.  After Sabbati Zevi’s death in 1676, his Kabbalist successor, Jacob Frank, expanded upon and … Read more

Robert Sepehr Author, producer & anthropologist Visit his YouTube Channel at: 818encino Gematria Advisory:Notice his YouTube channel name “818encino” Encino = 33 (Full Reduction) Bavarian Illuminati = 818 (Satanic) Robert Sepehr: Robert = 33 (Full Reduction) Sepehr = 222 (Primes) Sepehr = 97 (ALW Kabbalah) & 97 (KFW Kabbalah) Robert Sepehr is an author, producer … Read more