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What the Media Won’t  Tell You About YouTube by Really Graceful   Who created YouTube? What was Google’s role in developing the second largest search engine? “What the Media Won’t Tell You About YouTube” is a short documentary detailing the history of YouTube and the information surrounding its latest actions towards creators.

The oak tree lynching of Leo Max Frank at sunrise on Tuesday morning, August 17, 1915 German Jew Convicted Murderer and Pervert Leo Frank = 33 (Chaldean) Sparking the formation of ADL  Anti-Defamation League You Need to Watch This Before  History is ERASED  by ReallyGraceful  Leo Frank (April 17, 1884 – August 17, 1915) was … Read more

Really Graceful Researcher & Commentary  Visit her YouTube at: ReallyGraceful On this channel, I talk about suppressed history by connecting the past to the present. On the daily, we’re inundated with breaking news headlines propagated on the radio, television, and social media. It’s my goal to provide context so that we can collectively navigate through … Read more