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Woodstock = 33 (Septenary)   Woodstock Festival August 15, 16, 17 & 18, 1969 was about Peace & Music…, WTF?! Durning the four day span of this concert, a recorded KIA U.S. Servicemen deaths was 114 U.S. Non-Masonic Soldiers DEAD. and A PLANNED HURRICANE WAS TO TAKE OUT THE HIPPIES AT WOODSTOCK (Info below)   Friday, … Read more

Example of Judeo-Masonic puppets  acting in the SHIT SHOW Alexander Emric Jones = 223 (LCH Kabbalah)  Do you really think a truth speaker would have 2,343,116 YouTube subscribers…, and NOT have the channel deleted, WAKE UP! (Update: Aug 14, 2018, I guess (((they))) are trying to make him look like a real truther. Notice how … Read more

Corrupt Nation of Traitors Go Truth Podcast: Episode 01 Listen to “GoTruth-2018.04.27-E001 ZKH’s Wake-Up Call” on Spreaker. Go Truth Podcast: Episode 01 Date: 2018.04.27 Audience: 18+ Subject: Zachary K. Hubbard’s Wake-Up Call Download: Episode 01 Subject: Zachary K. Hubbard’s Wake-Up Call Re: You Are NOT Going To WISH Tyranny Away! This is the audio only … Read more

Masonic Criminal Network Exposing and Defeating Organized Gang Stalking an interview with Dr. Eric Karlstrom When you awaken and start whistle blowing, deep researching and uncovering dark secrets, or just existing they will want to control you and they like to do it by GANG STALKING. If you don´t know what this is PLEASE WATCH … Read more

Shit Show Judeo-Masonic Boogeyman…, Iran = 322 (Trigonal) Iran  A Tour with Rick Steves Original upload May 14, 2014 What the Media Won’t Tell You About Iran Original upload November 22, 2017 Your owner’s want a war and if you’re at the draft age worrying about it…, don’t. Because the Second American Civil War will … Read more

Example of the “Faustian Oath“ (aka: Deal with the Devil)  The Oath = 322 (Satanic) Shortcut to Happiness (2003) Movie Trailer: Shortcut to Happiness (2003) Watch now for Free >> HERE STARRING: Alec Baldwin III = 322 (Primes) Philip Hopkins = 322 (Franc Baconis) Bez Stone (Alec Baldwin) is in the midst of the worst … Read more

Birth Given Name + Surname = 33, 39, 47, 74 & 93 (in Septenary, Chaldean, Francis Bacon, Franc Baconis, Reverse Ordinal, English Ordinal, or Full Reduction). If you get a hit with any name with the above numbers…, (((THEY))) are Rh+ blood types and that you can BANK ON! After the movie, go to gematrinator.com … Read more

Owen reveals his Judeo-Masonic MKUltra programing and more! #534  Where in the world is Sven Computer?  And what can we learn from a bat? Owen’s Channel “Let’s solve a mystery that Steven Crowder has been unable to solve. where is Sven computer? Also, is Steven Crowder bisexual? And why did I allow him to bedazzle … Read more

322 – the Order of the Skull and Bones Charlotte Iserbyt: Societies Secrets “Daughter of a Yale Skull and Bonesman Talks” Time Out Productions presents Charlotte Iserbyt and a look at secret societies and their history in the United States.  Her father and grandfather we members of the infamous Skull & Bones Society at Yale … Read more