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Zachary fa–K–e name Hubbard Controlling The Narrative Father of Tremont Waters  found dead in suicided at  West Haven, Connecticut = 322 (Francis Bacon) hotel Video by Gematria Effect News Video Example of Controlled Opposition VIDEO MARK – 4:32 – This is why Controlled Opposition ONLY uses BASE CIPHERS. ———> West Haven, Connecticut = 322 (Francis … Read more

Masonic Monopoly Mafia Only Exist Because (((THEY))) Control The Worthless Money Printers… ALL the criminal bullshit ENDS with just this ONE THING. When all the bullshit truthers start understanding this, maybe we’ll start making progress! I believe most do understand this fact, and they’re just controlled opposition spitting out bullshit for shekels.

END THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and their BULLSHIT ENSLAVEMENT is OVER! Everyone knows this old news…, and if you don’t, you’re either a fucking RETARD or a WILLING SELLOUT participant in this Judeo-Masonic criminal syndicate. IT IS A SWISS-GERMAN CONSPIRACY & The City of London’s Bank of England controls The Federal Reserve System, there’s a … Read more

Gematria code-break: Journey to Saturn Operation London Bridge = 232 (English Ordinal) Operation London Bridge has been a codename that referred to the plan for what will happen in the days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, aka: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary = 303 (Francis Bacon). The plan was originally devised in the 1960s and … Read more