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Listen to “GoTruth-2018.04.28-E002 KPG’s Wake-Up Call” on Spreaker. Ole Dammegård: Public Service Announcement (PSA) U.S. Military INFESTED with Freemasons You should probably set your coffee down and WATCH this. …, “ISH” people are made up of a criminal deviant network (that includes EVERY RACE of GMO people aka: Masonic Network) working for this Satanic Empire!  EVERY … Read more

Frankenstein’s Monster = 911 (Jewish) Frankenstein’s Monster = 911 (Jewish), 88 (Full Reduction), 79 Cipher Paring (Septenary & Chaldean)   Israel is just NOISE!   One Family To Rule Them All? Published on June 18, 2017   The Hidden Hand of the Rothschild Family   Published on September 14, 2016   The Rothschild family is … Read more

Scottish Rite Freemasons = 322 (ALW Kabbalah) The two horizontal stripes in the Washington, D.C. flag…, are the same two crossed strips in England’s flag. Lawrence Washington’s Family Crest was presented by Queen Elizabeth I (House of Tudor) Northamptonshire, England…, This is Romeo Foxtrot. Shall We Dance? Northamptonshire, England = 322 (Francis Bacon) Northamptonshire = … Read more

Masonic Criminal Network Exposing and Defeating Organized Gang Stalking an interview with Dr. Eric Karlstrom When you awaken and start whistle blowing, deep researching and uncovering dark secrets, or just existing they will want to control you and they like to do it by GANG STALKING. If you don´t know what this is PLEASE WATCH … Read more

 Beckoning Frontiers:  Public and Personal Recollections  (Hardcover ) – January 1, 1951 by Marriner S. Eccles   Spend the extra cash for 1st edition book…, for reasons you should already know On October 15, 1982, by an Act of Congress the Federal Reserve Building was renamed Eccles Building for Marriner S. Eccles durning the U.S. … Read more

Brit-ISH Empire just like…, Jew-ISH & Am-ISH get it? As long as the Criminal Judeo-Masonic Mafia controls the money supply, enjoy your oppression and slavery! You should probably set your coffee down and WATCH this. The Centuries of Stolen Assets & Gold will need to be recovered for humanity when the party starts! These Masonic … Read more