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What the Media Won’t  Tell You About YouTube by Really Graceful   Who created YouTube? What was Google’s role in developing the second largest search engine? “What the Media Won’t Tell You About YouTube” is a short documentary detailing the history of YouTube and the information surrounding its latest actions towards creators.

Zachary fa–K–e name Hubbard Controlling The Narrative Father of Tremont Waters  found dead in suicided at  West Haven, Connecticut = 322 (Francis Bacon) hotel Video by Gematria Effect News Video Example of Controlled Opposition VIDEO MARK – 4:32 – This is why Controlled Opposition ONLY uses BASE CIPHERS. ———> West Haven, Connecticut = 322 (Francis … Read more

Patrick Little responded by calling participants in the GOP convention “Zionist Stooges.”  Nice Try…, Just More Fucking Noise! “Zionist Stooges…?” 10-4…, message received. Patrick Little = 57 (Full Reduction) & 84 (LCH Kabbalah) Given Name: Patrick = 666 (Reverse Sumerian), 33 (Full Reduction), 74 (Jewish Ordinal), 84 (KFW Kabbalah), 51 (LCH Kabbalah) & 323 (Satanic) Surname: … Read more