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Died in a “head-on collision” = 47 (Septenary) & 74 (Full Reduction) Sure he did… Samuel Burl Kinison (December 8, 1953 – April 10, 1992)  Samuel Kinison = 322 (Franc Baconis)  Born into the Synagogue of Satan: Kabbalah coded Comedian (Rh- 322 kill code sacrifice)   Sam Kinison: Breaking the Rules 1987 ‧ Comedy ‧ … Read more

William Burr = 444 (Primes) Solutions! Motel Rooms, First Ladies & Solutions Note: Based on Patrice O’Neil’s brilliant comedy…, I’m guessing you’ll hear news of Mr. Burr’s upcoming helicopter crash, or the like soon. Bill Burr’s Sick Satanic World  We Live In…, Helicopter Story in Orange = 33 (Full Reduction) County Originally Publish: May 28, … Read more

Howard Stern “Race War” provoking skit as Clarence Thomas Judeo-Masonic Shit ShowTotal Repeat, Now “Yale Plant” Brett KavanaughAre you pickup on the hidden agenda, or are you one of the criminal actors too? 60 Minutes: Anita Hill February 2, 1992 Interview (The 33rd day of the year!) In her first television interview following Clarence Thomas confirmation … Read more