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SEAL Team Six Listen To Kay Griggs’ Interview & Testimony Gematria of: “SEAL Team Six” = S42-C35 Cipher Pairing Here’s a quick excerpt of an eight +/- hour recorded testimony on the subject… Listen to “GoTruth-2018.04.28-E002 KPG’s Wake-Up Call” on Spreaker. Still don’t believe, revisit TWA Flight 800 facts and witness testimonies. TWA Flight 800 … Read more

Zurich Switzerland = 223 (Reverse Ordinal) Checkout it’s location coordinates! Location, location, location: 47 & 444…, numbers seem familiar? Reverse Ordinal Zurich Switzerland in Cipher Pairing Zurich Switzerland in Septenary & Chaldean “Cipher Pairing“ The Wonders of GEMATRIA! Again, cipher pairing IS-REAL! Zurich alone… Zurich in Septenary & Chaldean “Cipher Pairing“

Switzerland Home of The Swissy! “How The Swiss Pulled Off The 1929 Wall Street Crash“ Switzerland Home of The Swiss Nazi Templars…, WAKE UP! Switzerland in Septenary & Chaldean Cipher Pairing Switzerland in Four Base gematria ciphers Switzerland = 536 (Satanic) gematria Remember the number 242…  Bank For International Settlements Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland The Bank … Read more

Cromwell is a town in Middlesex County, Connecticut, United States located in the middle of the state. The population was 14,005 at the 2010 census. The town was named after a shipping boat that traveled along the Connecticut River, which runs along Cromwell. The ship was named after Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth … Read more