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Episode No. 206 – Uploaded: June 28, 2019 Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #206:  Invisible Empire with Jason Bermas Visit the: Tin Foil Hat Channel Watch Sam’s guest Jason Bermas’  2010 documentary Invisible Empire below. Invisible Empire (2010) Follow Jason Bermas on: Twitter Invisible Empire (2010) A New World Order On Trial. For the … Read more

Shit Show Judeo-Masonic Boogeyman…, Iran = 322 (Trigonal) Iran  A Tour with Rick Steves Original upload May 14, 2014 What the Media Won’t Tell You About Iran Original upload November 22, 2017 Your owner’s want a war and if you’re at the draft age worrying about it…, don’t. Because the Second American Civil War will … Read more

Owen Benjamin should look into gematria…, I guessing he knows all about gematria  The Boomer = 47 (Full Reduction) by (Freemason) Owen Benjamin = 47 (Chaldean) Born: Owen Smith Changed Name to: Owen Benjamin Went into show business: Owen Benjamin = 47 (Chaldean) Owen doesn’t speak of Freemasons, U.K. or the slave tool the “Federal … Read more

Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli: Episode #203 Sam Tripoli interviews Jessa Reed Wolf Magic With Jessa Reed Visit his channel at: Tin Foil Hat channel Jessa Reed from Mormon and the Meth-head. Reed, a self-described “former meth-head,” and Woodall, a “recovering” Mormon, cohost a darkly funny, touching podcast. This episode we welcome back Alien School’s … Read more

Example of the “Faustian Oath“ (aka: Deal with the Devil)  The Oath = 322 (Satanic) Shortcut to Happiness (2003) Movie Trailer: Shortcut to Happiness (2003) Watch now for Free >> HERE STARRING: Alec Baldwin III = 322 (Primes) Philip Hopkins = 322 (Franc Baconis) Bez Stone (Alec Baldwin) is in the midst of the worst … Read more

Brit-ISH Empire just like…, Jew-ISH & Am-ISH get it? As long as the Criminal Judeo-Masonic Mafia controls the money supply, enjoy your oppression and slavery! You should probably set your coffee down and WATCH this. The Centuries of Stolen Assets & Gold will need to be recovered for humanity when the party starts! These Masonic … Read more

Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli #201 Sam Tripoli interviews Ryan Dawson Visit the: Tin Foil Hat Channel Battle of Blair Mountain: The Battle of Blair Mountain was the largest labor uprising in United States history and one of the largest organized armed uprisings since the American Civil War. The conflict occurred in Logan County, … Read more